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Angela Box was born in Oklahoma City to a family of righteous fighters for truth and liberty. She moved to Los Angeles after college to pursue acting, but her heart always lay with politics. She later became an elementary school teacher and, after the state of California fell apart in 2009, moved to Houston to work as an educator. In September, 2014 she returned to her love of politics as a contributor to the late-night cable access show “Tommy’s Garage” which unwittingly turned her into a media target. She was forced to leave her teaching career and sued Quanell X, the leader of the Houston New Black Panther Party, for defamation of character after he published a city-wide press release with an invented, racist quote attributed to her. Angela now works for a political consultant and is a regular contributor on Fox 26 in Houston and the Sam Malone Radio Show. Angela loves reading, writing, working out, yoga, big salads, lip gloss, and being a Texas transplant--because here, they eat liberals for breakfast. For more original content, please visit Angela's Soap Box at (Googling her name will also bring up lots of liberal hate posts, so that's fun, too!)

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Liberals Twist Themselves into Pretzels over Islam: Orlando Edition

Oh, the tangled web liberals weave. Chalk up the second deadliest terror attack in American history up to being polluted by politically correct revisionist history—even before all the victims ...
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Brexit, Trump, and America First

Brexit, Trump, and America First
I’m jealous of Great Britain right now. With the rise of UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) and the #VoteLeave Brexit (British Exit) movement, the United Kingdom is proving ...
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