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UNBELIEVABLE: Here’s How Much Chewbacca Mom Is Charging her “Fans” For an Autograph

The internet sensation known as the Chewbacca Mom has officially joined the dark side of capitalism.    After receiving over $500,000 in free gifts for putting a Chewbacca mask ...
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First Muslim Miss USA converts to Christianity

Rima Fakih was the first Muslim to become Miss USA when she won the Pageant in 2010. Now in 2015, Fakiha has converted to Christianity. She recently shared ...
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3 Time Pro-Bowl Super Bowl Champion charged with raping a disabled woman

The San Francisco convicts can’t seem to stay out of trouble with the law.   Dana Stubblefield, a 3 time pro bowl selection who won the Superbowl with the ...
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Baltimore Rioters Sentenced to Multiple Years in Prison

Many remember the Balti Rioters setting police cars on fire, now those responsible will have a few years to think about it behind bars.  Keith Riggins (24) and ...
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White Nursing Student Beaten by Thugs in Obamaville, onlookers do nothing

Jessica Hughes was beaten savagely by two thugs on a train in broad daylight on a Chicago Subway. The incident occurred 10 AM on Thursday. The US media ...
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Texas Voter Id Law Stands: Supreme Court Denies block attempt

US News
The Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the controversial Texas Voter ID Law would stand.   The Court blocked an attempt by a coalition of Latino advocacy groups and ...
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(WATCH) Farmer sprays Manure on anti fracking protestors

ScreenHunter_411 Apr. 28 14.14
Oscar winning actress Emma Thompson and her sister Sophie made a terrible mistake when they illegally trespassed on a farmer’s property.   They were filming a Great British Bake ...
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(OUTRAGEOUS) Refugees Get More Benefits From US Than US Children

world news
The Washington Examiner recently revealed the next big shocker from Obamanation, Refugee children receive tax payer money than US children on welfare or other forms of government ...
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Anti-Trump Protesters Terrorize and Threaten “Students For Trump”

The left showed just how tolerant they are when a group of anti-Trump protestors descended on “Students for Trump,” like vultures picking over a fresh carcass.  The anti-Trump protestors ...
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Black Anti-Trump protestors spit on US flag in front of Veterans

Radical Black protestors lead by Vaun Mayes and Erica Walker both stepped and spit on an American flag in front of Veterans at a recent Anti-Trump protest in ...
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