#Blacklivesmatter takes aim at Elvis, “Shut Down Graceland”

#Blacklivesmatter takes aim at Elvis, “Shut Down Graceland”

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#blacklivesmatter is targeting Graceland in their latest series of protests.   Protestors have vowed to shut down Graceland to raise awareness for Darrius Stewart, a Black male who was shot and killed by police during a traffic stop last year.   Protestors have picked the highest profile time of the season to attempt this.    This week is Elvis week, a celebration of Elvis that draws in tourists from all around.   If the protests are anything like the rioting and looting in Milwaukee, this could get ugly fast.    #blacklivesmatter doesn’t exactly have a “peaceful” reputation.


Eddie Vasquez claims it’s going to be a disruption for a lot of people. Other organizers said in a statement they picked Elvis Presley’s home “because it demonstrates one of Memphis’s most common forms of financial inequality.” The statement referenced the opening of a posh resort and a guest house on museum grounds that used $78 million in public funding and tax breaks as an example of inequality. Some even accuse Presley of profiting off re-appropriating black music for the white mainstream.


This #blacklivesmatter nonsense is getting a big ridiculous if you ask me. They march around from town to town accusing everyone of being racist. #blacklivesmatter doesn’t debate anyone or offer a solution, they just scream in everyone’s face. They’ve always had an “in your face” style of protesting, which is why they shut down major highways and cities. There have been several violent protests resulting in neighborhoods burnt to the ground. There have been several police shot in the past year alone. What has all of this accomplished?


#blacklivesmatter has encouraged more racism than its cured. As the protests continue, the racial divide also continues to grow. People on both sides are getting more angry. Racial relations in America continue to plummet to an all time low. One must wonder what is at the end of all of this if things continue down the current path? Will there be mass rioting, mass civil unrest? Martial Law? A Race War? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Ny Daily News

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