The Closing Argument for Donald Trump

The Closing Argument for Donald Trump

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Tuesday is the national election, which I’m sure most of us thought would NEVER come.

The American people, stuck in the Obama malaise and the excessively pro-Hillary media spin cycle, have not had such a clear-cut choice for President since Carter vs. Reagan in 1980.

Donald Trump and the Dark Mistress of the Ninth Circle
Donald Trump and the Dark Mistress of the Ninth Circle

Are we to ignore how criminal and corrupt Hillary Clinton is, or believe the lies spewed by her surrogates and the media which overwhelmingly supports her?

Are we to ignore her pay to play schemes with her and her equally detestable husband’s “charity” and the Obama State Department?

Are we to ignore that she installed a private email server and sent and received classified information to thwart the security protocols that everyone else follows but her?

Are we to ignore her complete lack of ideas, or worse, her doubling down on the disastrous Obama economic and foreign policy?

Or are we ready to embrace a bold, new direction that the Establishment in both parties fear will topple their cushy power arrangement?

The choice could not be more clear.

Donald Trump wants to end illegal immigration and build a border wall to keep out illegals and terrorists. Hillary Clinton wants open borders and unfettered immigration.

Hillary wants more of this.
Hillary wants more of this.

Trump wants to build up our military to ensure American sovereignty. Hillary wants to further slash our military to promote globalism.

Trump wants to repeal and replace Obamacare, which has crippled American families and is destroying health care. Hillary said that Obamacare was formerly called Hillarycare and wants socialized medicine for America.

Trump wants to slash corporate and personal income taxes to stimulate growth and encourage business in America. Hillary wants to dramatically raise taxes, which will continue the anemic Obama era economy.

Trump wants to use extreme vetting and shut down immigration from countries which have terrorism ties. Hillary wants to increase Middle Eastern immigration by 650% over Obama.

Hillary wants more of this.
Hillary wants more of this.

Trump believes in school choice, wants to repeal Common Core and send educational decisions to the states. Hillary wants more federal and liberal teacher union control over education.

Trump wants to reestablish law and order and provide safety to inner cities. Hillary embraces racist terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter who incite riots and mayhem.

Trump will be beholden to the American people. Hillary will be beholden to the Establishment, foreign donors, and Wall Street bankers who expect favors for the millions they have donated to the Clinton Foundation.

There’s so much more, and the choice is stark. Every vote counts—now more than ever.

Let’s make America great again. We won’t go down without a fight.



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