The DNC Convention: a.k.a. “Freaks and Geeks”

The DNC Convention: a.k.a. “Freaks and Geeks”

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Oh, what a week to be a godless, heathen Democrat!

The Democrats, Commies, and Socialists held their convention in Philadelphia this week, all leading up to the coronation of Hillary Clinton (who, if you haven’t heard, is the first WOMAN TO BE NOMINATED BY A MAJOR PARTY FOR PRESIDENT!!!!).

During the Freaks and Geeks week, which was held behind an eight foot fence (bridges not walls, right guys?) there was much division, turmoil, and angst, as the rabid socialist Bernie Sanders supporters boo’d and hissed themselves out of seats on the convention floor. (Yes, the tolerant DNC kicked out Sanders delegates and advertised for paid seat-fillers on Craigslist. True story.)

Build bridges, not walls, DNC!
Build bridges, not walls, DNC!
On the first night of the convention, to promote unity, the Democrats brought out ole Paul Simon, who wailed “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” like his life depended on it.

I would have much preferred James Taylor. After all, he’s done this sort of thing before. After the first Paris Muslim terrorist attack, the detestable John Kerry brought Taylor to Paris to serenade the shell-shocked population with “You’ve Got a Friend.” I’m sure that brought them much consolation. (Almost as much as the super-effective hashtag #BringBackOurGirls campaign after Muslim terrorists in Boko Haram kidnapped a bunch of Christian girls.)

But enough with mocking Democrats! (Well, not really.) On with the post mortem of the 2016 DNC Convention!


The DNC proved themselves to NOT be the party of inclusion, but showed us for who conservatives have always known they are—a bunch of hypocritical blame-shifters who are basically everything they accuse us of being.

With the release of a trove of staff emails, The Wikileaks scandal (and thanks to that little shitstarter Julian Assange there’s more to come) showed the DNC to be racist, homophobic, and anti-Semetic.

What’s worse, they showed themselves not to be a neutral arbiter between Hillary and Bernie, but actively working to defeat Sanders at every turn.

The gollum chairperson of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was forced to resign over the scandal—and then promptly hired by Hillary Clinton to work on her campaign!

Gollum Debbie Wassermann Schultz
Gollum Debbie Wassermann Schultz
When Trump sarcastically mentioned that maybe Russia could help out finding Hillary’s missing 30,000 emails she and her lawyers destroyed and for which the FBI gave her a pass, Democrats and the press actually accused Trump of espionage—with zero trace of irony about Hillary’s ACTUAL espionage.

They think everyone is as stupid as your average Democrat.


No, you piddling little talking marionette dolls. It’s not brave to be an uneducated, ignorant liberal in Hollywood.

Exhibit A: Lena Dunham. I have a special burning loathing for that aggressively unattractive, self-admitted sister molester. She said Trump would probably think her body was a 2. Lena—you flatter yourself. You’re more like a negative 10.

The detestable Lena Dunham with less annoying America Ferrera at the DNC
The detestable Lena Dunham with less annoying America Ferrera at the DNC
Exhibit B: Eva Longoria. #ThisBitch from San Antonio had the cojones to say that all the illegal alien grifters invading our country didn’t cross the border…”the border crossed them”! Typical mindless liberal.

Exhibit C: Bradley Cooper and his (ahem) new beard setting off the Internet’s wrath. The Internet couldn’t believe Cooper was a Democrat after so convincingly portraying the actual patriot Chris Kyle in American Sniper. Dear Internet: most actors are very dumb yet think of themselves as very, very smart. Cooper is no different. Boycott or whatever, but he’s another leftist shill.

These wastes of space aren’t brave.

Who’s really brave are the conservatives in Hollywood who speak out and are punished by the lockstep, totalitarian leftists who run that town. If you’ll notice the only Hollywood conservatives are those who either have made enough money and have enough status to do whatever they want, or the lesser-knowns who weren’t ever going to have much cache anyway. The rest of the Hollywood conservatives stay closeted so they don’t commit career suicide.


At the RNC convention, families of people who had been killed by illegal aliens (like tbe families of Jamiel Shaw and Kate Steinle), spoke about what the scourge of illegal immigration had done to them—and the Democrat party could care less.

Democrats, on the other hand, trotted out the Thug Moms, who raised such upstanding criminals like Freddie Gray and Michael Brown. Michael Brown’s mother in particular was revolting, because all over her social media she celebrated the murder of the Dallas and Baton Rouge police—and had a photo with the Dark Mistress of the Ninth Circle of Hell herself.

The DNC trotted out the “Mothers of the Movement” aka Thug Moms.
The DNC trotted out the “Mothers of the Movement” aka Thug Moms.
Black Lives Matter has gotten rich on the backs of the black community and Big Lie that police indiscriminately and routinely murder black people. The Democrats embrace all of it.


The most boring yet radical liberal veep candidate possible managed to pander to Hispanics in Spanish—or bring some Taco Bowl Engagement, as the DNC Leaks scandal has shown their staffers to call “Hispanic outreach.”

It’s so pathetic that the one seemingly remaining glue of society, the English language, is now seen as racist by Democrats.

“I speak Espanyol!”
“I speak Espanyol!”

Smiling Obama, who got up there and talked about unifying America, because we are all one family, has done nothing to divide this country for almost eight years. He really took the cake.

I didn’t recognize this man speaking so glowingly of the country he has talked about over and over as flawed and backwards and based on slavery.

And then Obama, the guy who basically said the water levels would recede and the world would be healed simply because he got elected president, bashed Trump saying he could fix America.

He’s done nothing but divide us on race, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. He has made our world a much more dangerous place. But his lies about illegal immigration, terrorism, and the economy were eaten up by Democrat lemmings.

“It’s all whitey’s fault! Oh wait…that’s my normal speech…..WE ARE ALL ONE BIG FAMILY!”
“It’s all whitey’s fault! Oh wait…that’s my normal speech…..WE ARE ALL ONE BIG FAMILY!”
Because we pulled out of Iraq, the Middle East fell apart, ISIS was created, and Syria and Egypt collapsed. Syrian refugees started pouring out of the country, and terrorists told us they would infiltrate the refugee population. THE REST IS HISTORY.


Hillary’s awful speech was full of mindless platitudes, lipstick on her teeth, and a sleeping Bill Clinton–and yet the media fell all over themselves bowing to Hillary, the Second Coming. (Or, as I’m fond of calling her, The Dark Mistress of the Ninth Circle of Hell.)

This woman is a corrupt criminal who has ridden the coattails of her serial predator and probable rapist husband—all for power.

Everything Obama and Hillary touch turns to crap—hence the 1.2% economic growth in the last quarter and multiple disasters on the domestic and world stage.


Grandma Cankles seeks to continue this destruction. She will destroy what’s left of our sovereignty and the Supreme Court will be ruined for a generation or more.


After each night of the convention, the liberal media lost their minds praising the calvalcade of speakers who never had the time to mention radical Islamic terror. When Hillary finished her speech, I figured some of them might faint.

This is how a narrative is created. The media has set up her, and Obama, and every other Democrat as being the Emperor who has no clothes. They depend on the majority of the public to oooo and ahhh and tell the Emperor his invisible clothes look smashing. Those of us paying attention are the one honest child who calls out the thieves and liars and says, “He hasn’t any clothes on at all!”

The difference is, of course, that the media continue to depend on the townspeople to carry on the lie—they never give up the narrative that Democrats are good, and Republicans are evil.

The media depend on the public to be hopelessly braindead.

I hope the Never Trumpers are listening and have finally awoken to the reality that this awful beast known as Hillary Clinton might be the next President—and that will be the nail in the coffin for America as we know it.

Now please—let’s stop her.

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