Florida Man Shoots At Pokemon Go Players, Catch This!

Florida Man Shoots At Pokemon Go Players, Catch This!

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A Florida man shot at Pokemon Go players Saturday Morning according to local police.   Flagler County Sheriff’s Office spokesman James Troiano claims the homeowner was awakened by a loud noise, and so he grabbed a gun and went to investigate.   The home owner then approached a car with two teens playing the Pokemon Go game.  When the teens saw the homeowner they tried to take off down the road.  The homeowner then fired shots at the fleeing car.

The teen’s mother called the police the next day when she noticed their car had several bullet holes in it.   The mother informed the police her children were playing the popular cell phone app.


Police say the investigation is on going, so far no charges have been filed. One must wonder what the homeowner thought justified shooting at a car that was driving away. They are not threatening you if they are fleeing, they have not attacked at you, why open fire on a bunch of teens playing a cell phone game?

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