INSANITY: 12-Year-Old Students forced to ‘CONVERT TO ISLAM’ as Part of School Assignment

INSANITY: 12-Year-Old Students forced to ‘CONVERT TO ISLAM’ as Part of School Assignment

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In yet another story of indoctrinating children with Islamic bullshit, comes an incident from a school out of Great Britain involving 12 and 13-year-old students. The students at Les Beauchamps in Guernsey where told to write a letter to their families explaining why they had chosen to convert to Islam. In it, the students were to convey how converting to Islam made them feel, and how becoming a Muslim had “changed their life.”



Clear instructions came along with the disturbing homework assignment, along with the disclaimer that read “YOU ARE NOT ACTUALLY CONVERTING TO ISLAM.”

The insane story comes just in the wake of a Trojan Horse plot that was discovered where extremist Muslims were allegedly trying to take over a number of schools in the area, and out the non-Muslim staff.

The indoctrination appears to be part of a government scheme prep skeptical locals into accepting the idea of refugees, as the island of Guernsey could soon be home to a horde of Syrian refugees.

“There’s certainly a lot of Islamophobia and negativity that’s been around and that would entail that it would be difficult for us to ensure that [the refugees] would find the sorts of security and stability here in Guernsey, were they to be resettled here, in the same way as they are, say, in other parts of the UK,” Guernsey’s chief minister Jonathan Le Tocq recently stated.

A similar case happened in California last year and sparked controversy after students were required to sing a song about spreading Islam, with lyrics that read: “This is their fight / Spread Islam now / Prove they’re right.”

Unreal. Try that shit with my kid, and I’ll rip your nuts off and shove them down your throat!

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