Iowa State Government Laughs At 1st Amendment, Here’s This Church’s Response

Iowa State Government Laughs At 1st Amendment, Here’s This Church’s Response

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Des Moines, Iowa- The Ford Des Moines Church of Christ has filed a federal lawsuit to keep the state from forcing them to allow biological men who believe they’re women into women’s bathrooms and showers. The Iowa Civil Rights Commission believes and states that state law sometimes applies to churches. However, the church says such interference from the state would be a violation of its constitutional rights of free speech and freedom of religion. An excerpt of the complaint states,

“The Commission’s interpretation grossly misunderstands the religious purposes and beliefs of Plaintiff Fort Des Moines Church of Christ. The Act and City Code prohibit the Church from issuing statements that might cause individuals to believe that they are unwelcome because of their perceived gender identity. The language of the Act and the City Code are broad enough to include within that prohibition sermons, theological expositions, educational speeches, newsletters or church worship bulletin text, or other statements from the Church and its leaders.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom has decided to step in as the church’s legal representation and released a statement saying, “The commission is interpreting a state law to ban churches from expressing their views on human sexuality if they would ‘directly or indirectly’ make ‘persons of any particular…gender identity’ feel ‘unwelcome’ in conjunction with church services, events, and other religious activities. The speech ban could be used to gag churches from making any public comments—including from the pulpit—that could be viewed as unwelcome to persons who do not identify with their biological sex.”

ADF legal counsel Christina Holcomb stated that, “Churches should be free to teach their religious beliefs and operate their houses of worship according to their faith without being threatened by the government. That is a foundational First Amendment principle. Churches have always been protected from government intrusion, and they still are. They have a firmly established freedom to teach their beliefs and set internal policies that reflect their biblical teachings about marriage and human sexuality. One can hardly imagine a more obvious unconstitutional invasion of the state into the internal affairs of the church.”

Holcomb hit the nail on the head with her assessment of this whole ordeal. This is indeed a gross violation of the First Amendment. Whether or not you agree with a Church’s stance, the government does not have the Constitutional authority to bulldoze their teachings and become the mediator of Christ’s Gospel. If you do not agree with what a Church teaches, go “church shopping.” If you want a watered down fake church where they’re totally cool with delusions and erotomaniacs, I’m sure there are plenty available to you in Liberal cities.

If this case doesn’t prove to you that the Left is all about attacking, demonizing, whitewashing, and censoring Christianity in our country, then I don’t know what will. Why aren’t Mosques being censored? It has been proven time and time again that mosques in America are tied to terrorist groups. Why isn’t the government stepping on their toes? Oh, Islamic apologists will throw the First Amendment excuse around like candy but Christians are the ones targeted just because they stand on the Word of God. Give me a break. The government is out of control and they want Christians punished.

What is happening to our country?!?

H/T Daily Caller

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