ISIS Terrorist Planning Mass Casualty Attack Killed by Police in Canada

ISIS Terrorist Planning Mass Casualty Attack Killed by Police in Canada

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A 23-year-old ISIS member was killed in Canada by police.  Aaron Driver was fatally wounded in a shootout with police.    Police responded after receiving a tip on Wednesday of a possible mass casualty terrorist attack.   They responded to Driver’s Strathroy, Ontario home.   Strathroy is about 140 Miles West of Toronto.   Driver was well known to Canadian intelligence and police officials for his ties to ISIS.   When the police arrived gunfire erupted.   The terrorist was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Driver was planning on using an IED to carry out a suicide bombing mission in a public area. Driver planned on killing as many people as possible. Police were concerned that the incident could have been carried out on Wednesday during rush hour in a busy place. The RCMP has not yet released the city that was targeted. The RCMP has tracked Driver for several months. Driver was arrested in 2015 and later agreed to a peace bond in a Winnipeg court. The condition of the agreement was that Driver had to live in a specified area and was to immediately notify RCMP of any address changes.

While I feel Canadian Authorities did not monitor this man closely enough, I am at least happy that they got there just in time to stop him from killing several innocent people. Far too often Authorities Globally are scared to watch or monitor suspected Islamic terrorists because they don’t want to be sued or called Islamophobic. All this does is create a smokescreen for ISIS to plan and commit acts of terrorism.  At some point in problem, we’re all going to have to confront this problem head on instead of making excuses not to.

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