Liberal Arrested After Almost Killing Elderly Veteran Trump Supporter

Liberal Arrested After Almost Killing Elderly Veteran Trump Supporter

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A Massachusetts woman has been charged after terrorizing an elderly veteran for months.   Susan Bryant of North Reading was charged with assault by means of a dangerous weapon after almost running over an elderly veteran who supported Donald Trump.   The incident started when the veteran, Art Gonsalves, caught Bryant vandalizing the Trump signs in his yard.   Gonsalves was on the lookout for her as he believes she had been vandalizing his sign for months.   When Gonsalves confronted Bryant after he caught her mid act, she then took off in her car driving erratically almost running Gonsalves over.

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Though Gonsalves didn’t sustain any injuries he was “absolutely terrified” from the incident. It had been an ongoing issue with Bryant, Gonsalves had caught her before. He eventually had to install a security camera to catch footage of her when she vandalized his property. Gonsalves never knew it would result in him almost getting run over by her. She is expected to be arraigned in Lawrence District Court on Monday. The police chief made a statement on the case:

“During this Presidential election season, opinions as to who the next President should be may differ. The ability to express those opinions openly and freely is the cornerstone of democracy in our country. Our concern is when people take it upon themselves to wrongly extend their ability of expression into vandalism and assault. The victim in this case was only protecting his freedom of speech and expression. We ask for the community’s help in allowing all to express their opinions in safe, legal ways.” – Andover Police Chief Patrick Keefe

Another fine lesson on liberal tolerance, even elderly veterans aren’t safe!

Source: CBS Boston

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