Liberals Twist Themselves into Pretzels over Islam: Orlando Edition

Liberals Twist Themselves into Pretzels over Islam: Orlando Edition

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Oh, the tangled web liberals weave. Chalk up the second deadliest terror attack in American history up to being polluted by politically correct revisionist history—even before all the victims have been laid to rest.

Late Saturday night, June 11, a radical Muslim (who, it turns out, may have been a closeted gay) named Omar Mateen opened fire at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. During his rampage which killed at 49 (including the shooter) and injured at least 53 people, he went out of his way to call 911 and declare his allegiance to ISIS and the Islamic State—leaving no question as to his motivations.

Onlookers outside Pulse nightclub in Orlando after Omar Mateen began his attack
Onlookers outside Pulse nightclub in Orlando after Omar Mateen began his attack

Well, no question to his motivations unless you’re a liberal. Almost immediately, liberals began making excuses, and saying things like, “We need to make sure all the facts come out before making any judgments.”

This déjà vu is reminiscent of the San Bernardino shootings, where two radicalized Muslims killed a bunch of their co-workers who had thrown them a baby shower some months before. Liberals seemed physically incapable of telling the truth as to what the killers’ motives were—and, in fact, the press waited HOURS before reporting the identities of the murderers. Had they been white guys from Arkansas driving a pickup truck with a Confederate Flag in the rear window, we would’ve known everything about them within about 3o seconds. But because they were Muslims (a protected liberal class), the public was put on ice for hours before authorities had to admit that, yeah, they were Middle Eastern and yeah, they were Muslims, too.

Islamic terrorists Syed Farook and Tafsheen Malik
Islamic terrorists Syed Farook and Tafsheen Malik

The déjà vu can also be applied to literally Every.Single.Terrorist.Attack since September 11, 2001, which was approximately the last time liberals admitted there just *might* be a problem within Islam.

The irony of this deadly, cowardly, disgusting terrorist attack is not lost on conservatives. Two of Democrats’ protected classes—gays and Muslims—now may have a little problem with each other. However, the Muslim problem with gays, lesbians, and ABCXYZ whatever has been long and complicated.

Hillary Clinton has forever claimed to be the champion of gays and lesbians, but her remarkably crooked Clinton Crime Family Foundation has accepted no less than $25 million from Islamist regimes who regularly, by law, execute gay people—often by throwing them off roofs. Can’t say that about Christians, who are maniacally pilloried by liberals 365 days of the year. Nope, there’s only one religion which calls for murder of infidels, gays, and wanton women. Hint: it’s not Christianity.

Gay men being hung for being gay in a Muslim country
Gay men being hung for being gay in a Muslim country

Many Western Muslims not only believe in the use of Sharia Law, as evidenced by the uptick of “no-go zones” in Europe and changing views in heavily Muslim neighborhoods in America, but also believe it should supersede a county’s laws. This means one thing: these “peaceful Muslims” are NOT being assimilated into the countries which have welcomed them. On the contrary—they are avoiding assimilation like it was a side of bacon.

Although homosexuality is considered punishable by death by many Muslims and many Muslim countries, there is a curious pastime many Muslim men enjoy. In Afghanistan, and other Muslim countries, young boys are regularly pimped out to be fellated and sodomized by Muslim men—the same men who insist on covering women head-to-toe in black felt.

Liberals’ “it’s cultural, you Islamophobe!” justification of Muslims’ treatment of women and gays certainly doesn’t jibe with their obsession to change the overall culture.  Liberals rationalize altering the definition of marriage and seek to de-genderize America—and determining that “heteronormative” societal norms have been unduly harmful to just about everyone.

*Nothing to see here*
*Nothing to see here*

These two sides of the progressive coin have been living in concert for years.

The same people who refuse to call radical Islam and supporters of radical Islam by name are the same people who think there’s no physical differences between men and women. They claim gender is a conscious choice—one chooses with what gender one “identifies.”

On the one hand, they say that Christians who oppose gay marriage and the normalization of men peeing in women’s bathrooms (but, the last time I checked, aren’t throwing any gay people off buildings) are bigots and homophobes.

To liberals, people who want women to pee in women's bathrooms are the true threat. Not radical Islam.
To liberals, people who want women to pee in women’s bathrooms are the true threat. Not radical Islam.

On the other hand, liberals refuse to call out the seventh century barbarians who force women and girls into second class citizenry (or worse) and actually execute gays. Instead, they tsk-tsk the rest of us for calling attention to this very real problem—calling critics of this backward, repressive, hypocritical culture Islamophobes and haters.

Omar Mateen was an American citizen. He was a registered Democrat. He worked as a government-contracted security guard. He was a devout Muslim. You’d think he would’ve gotten the Peace, Love, Unicorns, and Sunshine Memo Democrats like to shove down everyone’s throats (in lieu of living in reality).

The Obama administration stopped the FBI from continuing their probe of Omar Mateen
The Obama administration stopped the FBI from continuing their probe of Omar Mateen

His parents were Afghan immigrants who, seemingly, have refused assimilation and outwardly support the Taliban.  This tasty bit of intel did not stop his father from meeting with several high-level Democrats in Florida and in Washington, D.C.—no doubt to discuss how oppressed he and his family were by non-Muslim haters.

Omar should’ve been the perfect Democrat—especially considering the reports that, in fact, he may have been gay. But he let the other side of his personal progressive coin take over. The radicalized Muslim in him won out over the “Love Wins” platitudes liberals love to parrot.

After Mateen’s rampage, practically every leftist on the planet went out of his way to NOT delve into the possibility that their stances on immigration/assimilation, the culture, and Islam *might* just be totally assbackwards and it *might* be time to put on one’s big girl and big boy panties and face facts.

At the Tony awards a day after the Orlando massacre, the words “radical Islam” were not uttered. Instead, the talking marionette dolls waxed poetically about “love” and “tolerance” and “gun control”–because, after all, facing reality is not a liberal’s strong suit.

Daniel Lin Miranda, one of the fully sanctimonious libs spouting off at The Tonys
Daniel Lin Miranda, one of the fully sanctimonious libs spouting off at The Tonys

Barack Obama lectured us, once again, about Islam being a great religion and that the killer was motivated by “hate.” Naturally, more gun control was necessary.

Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump’s sensible ban on immigration from Muslim countries bigoted and wrong.

The New York Daily News blamed the NRA.

Planned Parenthood blamed “toxic masculinity” and “homophobic imperialism.”

The American media used the words “tragedy” and “mass shooting” instead of “Islamic terrorist attack.”

The ACLU blamed Christians for opposing LGBT laws.

Everyone and everything was blamed for Omar Mateen’s actions–except Omar Mateen’s religious beliefs.

Let’s face it. Liberals will never change. They see oppression, bigotry, hatred, ignorance, repression, and “-phobia” only in Christians and conservatives. They never see it in Muslims or themselves.

Ignorance is bliss, right guys?

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