Migrant Men Threaten Sexual Violence Against Minnesota Residents

Migrant Men Threaten Sexual Violence Against Minnesota Residents

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Police were called June 28 around 9:30 a.m to a disturbing scene in Lake Calhoun Minnesota. Police received several complaints of migrant men terrorizing a Minnesota neighborhood. They filled out a rather detailed report that only the local media has covered so far:

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According to Police reports, Migrant men drove up on people’s yards while shouting threats and lighting off fireworks. A woman claimed the men threatened to kidnap her and then rape her.

“We couldn’t get them out. We didn’t know what to do. When the shouts of “We’re going to rape you” rang out, it was just a very traumatizing experience” – Resident

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A large majority of Somalis living in Minneapolis are Sunni Muslims. Residents of the area claim this isn’t the first time this happened. Similar men have marched through the neighborhood in a threatening manner previously.

The amazing thing about this is the lack of media attention it has received. ABC did do the piece on it below, but some local newspapers like the Star-Tribune didn’t post a thing about this on their website.

I guess being politically correct is more important than reporting the truth to some media companies.

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