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Today is a glorious day. We saw the end of eight years of purposefully divisive government, and the end of a president who was hell-bent on dividing people based on race, gender, ethnicity, and religion.

President Trump and the glorious First Lady Melania
President Trump and the glorious First Lady Melania

Minus the truly epic snarly #RestingBitchFace from Michelle Obama as she slowly began to realize her gravy train was ending, Americans once again witnessed the nonviolent transfer of power from one family to another, and from one political party to another. Even Bill and Hillary Clinton, the vanquished duo, showed up—unlike 60-plus whining Democrats.

Donald Trump took the oath of office surrounded by his loving family and buttressed by prayerful, beautiful words about our Creator and His Son, Jesus Christ. There was more prayer in this inauguration than I have ever seen. It’s quite a magnificent thing to see that America is in the Blessing God business once again.

It's official and glorious!
It’s official and glorious!

Predictably, all the denizens of Liberalville have now completely lost their minds. They aren’t grasping that they lost. Not only did they lose on a personal level but their ideas also lost. They are fearful of Trump being successful because it will show the world that big government, a victim mentality and identity politics are divisive and hurtful to the average American.

95% of media darlings’ heads have begun the implosion. Over on MSNBC, Chris Matthews called Trump’s very uplifting and unifying inauguration speech “Hilterian” –as in, out of the mouth of Adolf Hitler. Chuck Todd on NBC said it was the most divisive inaugural speech he had ever heard.

Oh to be a fly on the wall in the heads of the Clintons!
Oh to be a fly on the wall in the heads of the Clintons!

Perhaps the Obama kiss-ups in the media just aren’t used to someone talking about the people of America as opposed to constantly referring to self, as Obama did.

Meanwhile, over in Snowflakeland, so far about 100 protesters have been arrested rioting, lighting fires, breaking windows and destroying property as sniveling leftist thugs of time immemorial are wont to do. Their vitriolic tantruming will continue, and the media and liberals will continue to excuse their behavior.

Another day, another leftist riot....
Another day, another leftist riot….

Not to worry: Trump promises action quickly. Get ready, brats! Daddy is back from his business trip and you’re all grounded.

Love of country and patriotism erases all bigotry and prejudice. He’s my President—and guess what? He’s yours, too.

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