School Calls Police Because 7-Year-Old Wont Stop Sharing Bible Verses

School Calls Police Because 7-Year-Old Wont Stop Sharing Bible Verses

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A young boy who attends Desert Rose Elementary School in Palmdale, California, is in huge trouble for sharing Bible verses with his classmates at school. His mother, Mrs. Zavala, made a habit of sending little notes in her son’s lunches every day with Bible verses written on them. The little boy loved getting these notes from his mother every day, so much so, that he wanted to share the verses with his friends. His fellow classmates loved reading them as well, and even asked Mrs. Zavala to send some for them every day too.


On April 18, a teacher called Mrs. Zavala after school to inform her that her son would no longer be allowed to share these notes with his friends while he was at school, citing “separation of church and state.” The teacher went on to say that he would only be able to share verses with his classmates outside of the school gate and only after school was dismissed for the day. The boy’s parents reluctantly gave in to the school’s request, and instructed their son to obey the orders.

However, on May 9th, the Principal decided to implement a complete ban on sharing verses at school altogether. Claiming that sharing Bible verses was “against school policy,” the Principal instructed the boy and his father that he would only be allowed to share Bible verses if he was completely off of school property, and would have to take his Good News to the public sidewalk. Once again, the Zavala family complied.


Just a few short hours later, the Zavala family heard a loud knock at the door. When they opened it, they were shocked to see the deputy sheriff standing outside. The police officer explained that he was sent by the school and gave the family a warning to completely stop what they were doing. Although the interaction between the police officer and the family appeared to be “friendly,” it was a very obvious tactic set up by the school to intimidate the family.

The Zavala’s attorney said “I would expect something like this to happen in Communist Romania – where I went to elementary school – but cops don’t bully 7-year-olds who want to talk about Jesus in the Land of the Free.”  He went on to say that “If students are permitted to pass out Valentine or birthday cards at school or to talk about Superman and Captain America at lunch, they cannot be prohibited from sharing Bible verses and discussing their faith during their free, non-instructional time.”

Liberty Counsel is demanding the school stop its policy of suppressing and censoring student religious speech. If they fail to comply, the school could face a federal lawsuit. With all the Islamic indoctrination that no one seems to bat an eye at, it is appalling to me that an innocent child who is only trying to spread the Good News of the Gospel to his fellow classmates is the only one being stifled.

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Melissa Gerber
Melissa Gerber
1 year 11 months ago

The Navy Seal was approaching people in a public place and soliciting a religion.
That was against the rules in the mall that he was in.
It wasn’t exactly Christian of you to mock the mall cop’s weight .

Reaganus Maximus
1 year 11 months ago

You are commenting on the wrong article. B-T-W, the story you are talking about, I’m Norse, so I’ll judge him, it’s a shame my ancestors didn’t get his. If you have a problem with that go complain to Odin.