Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before: #BlackLivesMatter Riots Over a Lie (Again)

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before: #BlackLivesMatter Riots Over a Lie (Again)

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The two major follies of the Black Lives Matter movement are the promotion of the proven lie of Michael Brown “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” and its propensity to turn thugs and criminals into martyred saints.

In its quest to solidify itself as Amerikkka’s preeminent leftist/racialist/black supremacist/racehustling organization, Black Lives Matter once again rushed to judgment over the shooting of a career criminal by a police officer. This time, their destruction landed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Milwaukee riots: destroying the people paid to keep you safe. Okay.
Milwaukee riots: destroying the people paid to keep you safe. Okay.

On Saturday, August 13, 2016, a 23-year old gang member with an impressive resume of 13 arrests named Sylville Smith (who liked taking pictures of himself flashing gang signs and pointing guns at the camera) was stopped by police and proceeded to flee the scene. He was carrying a stolen, semi-automatic weapon and was told numerous times to drop his gun.  He refused. The black (ahem) police officer, only 24 and a six-year veteran of the Milwaukee Police Department, shot at Smith and hit him twice after Smith refused to comply.

Sylville Smith: Live like a thug, die like a thug.
Sylville Smith: Live like a thug, die like a thug.

Since the shooting, in which a New York Times headline erroneously claimed Smith was unarmed, Milwaukee’s poorest neighborhood (run by Democrats, of course) erupted in violence. Thugs, criminals, and miscreants burned down at least four local businesses (after looting the hell out of them, naturally), threw rocks and concrete at police, destroyed police vehicles, and filled the streets with cries of “Black Power.” Rioters singled out whites for “beatdowns.” This willful destruction was brought to you by agents of Black Lives Matter.

Scratch the surface of these protests and you’ll encounter the same, sad justifications used by racehustlers from time immemorial.  To wit: rich people don’t give them any money. The cops are racist. White people are racist. The system is rigged against them. Etcetera.

This guy said rich peeps aren't giving the black community any money. Therefore riots justified.
This guy said rich peeps aren’t giving the black community any money. Therefore riots justified.

What Black Lives Matter and other racehustlers won’t tell their acolytes is WHY the black community is in such a state of awful—and that’s because they are getting rich off the backs of blacks by constantly stirring the racial animus pot. Evil leftist mastermind George Soros alone has given the BLM organization $12 million so far—not to mention millions from other Useful Idiots. It’s pretty expensive finding more thugs to turn into saints, after all!

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke (no doubt an Uncle Tom to the esteemed Black Lives Matter rioters) has repeated the clarion call so many conservatives and honest observers of the black community have been talking about for decades—WHY the black community is in such disarray.

Drudge Report headline: whites targeted for beatdowns by Milwaukee rioters
Drudge Report headline: whites targeted for beatdowns by Milwaukee rioters

He has rightly blamed Democrat, progressive policies which, hyperbole or not, have re-enslaved generations of black Americans. Blacks living in urban areas live with the lure of public, taxpayer-subsidized welfare, K-12 public education that ultimately fails black children, and fatherless homes that often cause young men (and girls, to a lesser extent) to be drawn into gang life and criminality—and, additionally, to being major behavior problems in school. Over 70% of children born in Milwaukee alone do not have a father living in the home. And, with the progressive redefinition of “family” to include anything and anybody, fathers and the nuclear family are less desired than ever. Big Government will provide for all your needs, Black Community! Just make sure to keep voting Democrat.

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke giving Black Lives Matter the business
Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke giving Black Lives Matter and Democrats the business

Ironic, isn’t it, that for almost eight years Barack Obama has been President, and we’ve had black leaders galore in all aspects of government and corporate life, but our race problems are worse than ever. The reality is, of course, that elected Democrats really don’t care much about promoting common sense solutions—because those solutions (free markets, capitalism, REAL education, personal growth and individual responsibility, traditional family values, law and order) would ensure they’d be out of a sweet gubmn’t job.

It’s imperative for elected Democrats to have a constant source of poor, underclass voters—those people who believe the only way up is through a Democrat giving them something. (Incidentally, this is ultimately why Democrats want open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens: that’s just a gift that keeps on giving!) The sad reality is instead of helping generations of black Americans, the problems are worse than ever.

A typical, Democrat-run ghetto. This time, Cleveland.
A typical, Democrat-run ghetto. This time, Cleveland.

Barack Obama could’ve been a unifying figure. That’s what he promised. Instead, under his leadership race relations are at an all-time low and problems within the black community are at an all-time high. But again, this is by design.

By every measure, blacks have suffered under Democrats—but especially under Obama.

Black unemployment is at an all-time high. Today, 16.9% of blacks are unemployed—but that doesn’t factor in the millions who have simply left the work force. Only 60.9% of blacks are currently in the workforce. This is an all-time low.

Poverty for all Americans is at its worst under Obama—but black Americans suffer even more. The poverty rate is up to 14.3% but for blacks it’s 27.2%.

Food stamp usage has soared under Obama. Across the country, food stamp usage is up by over 13 million people! For blacks, food stamp usage went from 7,393,000 when Obama arrived to 10,955,000 in 2012. The numbers are even higher now. Percentage-wise it is true that whites make up more food stamp recipients—but again, when looking at per capita population, blacks consume more taxpayer benefits.

Welfare recipients are up almost 59% since 2009. Blacks make up approximately 13% of the population but account for over 39% of welfare recipients. Whites, who account for over 60% of the population, account for around 38%.

These statistics are depressing without even going into the criminal aspect of what Democrats have institutionally done to the black community. Suffice it to say, crime has soared under Obama—and not by police officers randomly shooting black people.

The solution to all of this never-ending culture of dependence, crime, blame, and sadness will probably take generations to unravel.  However, when individuals have access to quality education (not Indoctrination Stations) and meaningful, good paying jobs, it’s amazing how proactive and productive communities can be. And that’s the root of a civilized, ordered society.

Nobody—not blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, or Flying Purple People Eaters—wants to live in a state of angst, fear, loathing, and constant worry and want. Democrats promise S.S.D.D. (Same Sh*t, Different Day) to Americans—bloated, unaccountable government programs, taxpayer-funded benefits, more dissolution of the family, and worthless studies to get to the root cause of all these problems caused by their failed policies.

We know what works—promotion of a smaller, accountable government that moves out of the way so businesses can thrive, substantially fewer regulations, lower corporate and personal taxes, law and order policies, an understanding of right vs. wrong, national sovereignty, a robust foreign policy, and back-to-basics education that stresses fundamentals over social justice. These policies are color-blind and they are effective.

A Democrat’s greatest fear is that more blacks and minorities like Sheriff Clarke start to awaken to the insidious, purposeful evil their policies have wrought on generations of Americans. Their wolf-in-sheep’s clothing policies affect us all—but sadly, they affect minority Americans the most.

The senseless, Black Lives Matter-induced destruction in Milwaukee is simply the latest incarnation of the destruction Democrats have purposefully caused. It’s not racist to point out the obvious—it’s racist to keep denying reality.

Wake up, black America. A much better path exists. Try taking it.

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