The Russians Are Coming!

The Russians Are Coming!

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File this one under: Democrat Desperation.

Ever since the improbable and DELICIOUS Trump election win, Democrats alternately have been waxing about what might have been as they stalk Hillary Clinton out in the wilds of Chappaqua and then gnashing their teeth grasping at ANY explanation for their humiliating, across-the-board defeat.

#KeepCrying, Democrats. Your tears are delicious!
#KeepCrying, Democrats. Your tears are delicious!

Election tampering is serious business, and Democrats are masters of it. Whether it be opposing identity verification through a photo ID or using union thugs to stuff ballot boxes, Democrats have perfected the art of stealing elections.

Just not this one.

In fact, after recounts in several states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Trump actually INCREASED his lead behind the Great Blue Wall.

No, it would seem we have a very serious threat to our electorate, one which should be addressed by the next Congress.

Leaders of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei, Oman, the UAE, and Algeria donated millions to influence our political system.

These donations of course, went to Donald Tru—Oh wait, they went to the Clinton Foundation. 

Twenty percent of our uranium was sold to Russia.  Russia was promised a “reset” of relations and invaded Ukraine.

I'm sorry, I can't hear you. I'm busy LOLing at Democrats.
I’m sorry, I can’t hear you. I’m busy LOLing at Democrats.

This happened when Donald Tru— I mean, Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. 

So yes, Russia and other foreign powers had a great interest in the election outcome and a big stake in the victory of Donald Tru – oops, I mean Hillary Clinton!

Now, on to the Democrats’ and media’s (same difference) latest obsession: Russian Hacking!

Clinton’s senior campaign advisor – John Podesta – was NOT hacked by Russians.  He stupidly and willingly gave his password away in response to a spam phishing scheme.

John Podesta, victim of a typo and a phishing scheme
John Podesta, victim of a typo and a phishing scheme

But let’s pretend the Russians DID try and influence the outcome. How did they do it?

Did the Russians force Hillary Clinton to install a private server in her basement, sell access to the State Department, destroy 33,000 emails subpoenaed by Congress, blame the Benghazi attack on a video, call half the country “Deplorable,” use media connections to either get veto power over quotes or get debate questions beforehand, double down on abysmal Obama policies, or prevent her from ever campaigning in Wisconsin during the entire general election campaign?

Nope. That was ALL HILLARY.

To which I say: Merry Christmas, Democrats!

Viva los Deplorables!
Viva les Deplorables!

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