Trump Wins! It’s Brexit on Steroids! Leftists Lose Their Minds!

Trump Wins! It’s Brexit on Steroids! Leftists Lose Their Minds!

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On Tuesday, 2016 got the Second Shock Heard Around the World. Brexit was the first. Donald Trump’s election was second—and probably even more profound.


As usual, the nastiest and most hateful people—the Collective Left—are projecting their hatred onto Trump supporters and have predictably lost their minds.

They are now in the process of doing what destructive leftists always do: violently tantrum when they don’t get their way.

Snowflake toddlers losing their minds over Trump's win
Snowflake toddlers losing their minds over Trump’s win

But against all odds, we did it. We have brought America back from the brink of a globalist, third world mentality and reality.

Donald Trump tapped into what conservatives have been begging their leaders to address for decades. He is the rising tide that will lift all boats.

America has chosen a bold, America First direction.

We will demolish Islamic terrorism, and not be afraid to call it by its name.

We will unequivocally stand with the nation of Israel.

We will build the wall along our southern border to end illegal immigration.

You're not coming to America anymore!
You’re not coming to America anymore!

We will immediately start deporting criminal aliens and repeat immigration lawbreakers.

We will stop immigration from countries that promote terrorism.

We will have lower taxes to stimulate the economy above the dismal Obama 1.2% growth.

We will amend our trade deals to favor Americans and American businesses.

We will finally start down the road towards energy independence.

We will strengthen our military and fix the broken VA system so our military gets the respect and care they deserve.

Your tears are delicious.
Your tears are delicious.

We will lower taxes for every American, and lower corporate taxes so companies start building factories in America again.

We will have law and order restored to our most vulnerable communities, and police officers will get the respect they deserve.

We will unconditionally support our allies and make our enemies fear and respect us once again.

We will drain the Establishment swamp and bring them to heel. They will once again know they work for US—not the other way around.

We will give parents and children a real chance at a quality education by reforming schools and forcing them to become competitive in order to bring the provide the best education possible. The teachers’ unions and disastrous Common Core will no longer rule the day.

It's going to be so much fun to watch the continued meltdown by the Collective Left!
It’s going to be so much fun to watch the continued meltdown by the Collective Left!

In short, we have saved our country.

And the best part of it all is three-quarters of Hollywood will finally get the hell out of America.

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