Twin Failure Idaho: 5 Year Old Rape Victim and Family Victimized AGAIN

Twin Failure Idaho: 5 Year Old Rape Victim and Family Victimized AGAIN

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A Twin Falls Idaho family’s life turned into a nightmare in early June this year when their 5-year old daughter was brutally raped by 3 teenage refugees. The little girl was jumped in between two apartment buildings, drug into a laundry room, and then held at knife point as the boys abused her in ways that no child should ever have to endure. Unfortunately the horrifying hits just keep coming for them.

  1.  The police failed to arrest the young boys.
  2.  The D.A. tried blatantly to deny that the attack ever happened. (until bombarded by the public)
  3.  The family is forced to live next door to one of the attackers despite his family being served an eviction notice.
  4.  The police and courts have refused time and time again to allow the mother of the girl to have any access to the 911 transcript and the police report.
  5.  Now…they are being denied the medical reports!!

The little girls mother is trying hard to get them moved away from the area of the attack as well as away from the boy that still traumatizes her daughter daily with his presence but they are struggling with the harsh economy and can not afford to move yet. “We are trying to move, but the child [perpetrator] does still live here next to us. I don’t let her play outside, and my child feels like a prisoner in her own home,” the mother said. To make matters worse the very ones that should be protecting and supporting this family are doing the exact opposite. “As victims it just makes us feel like they’re treating us like we’re the criminals. I called the victim’s advocate a few times to get the records and she said, ‘I told you several times now you can’t have nothing.’ And she’s like ‘why do you want this stuff?’ And I tell her because it’s my daughter and I want to know and I have a right to it under our Constitution,” the mother told World Net Daily.

Keep in mind that there was a video taken by one of the older boys of the attack. It has been stated that the actions of the youngest attacker (the one that still lives next door)  are most definitely the actions defined as RAPE, yet he is still allowed to roam the neighborhood freely and his family REFUSES to comply with the eviction notices they have been given. The boy is under house arrest but it is not monitored by any type of device, its meant to be PARETAL MONITORING. He was originally under a no contact order of 300 yards, but that has been changed to 100 ft.

Idaho is a hotbed for refugee resettlement

This family is in serious need of the help of the public. The mother is put in a position where she has to be a stay at home mom due to her son being autistic with developmental disabilities, and the 5 year old little girl suffering from a liver disease on top of the struggle with this attack. The Father struggles to provide all he can with a low income job as a Chef’. They have no benefits from this job and as many of us know work is scares countrywide. He is also suffering from a great amount of trauma from having to view the video of his daughter being assaulted.

They have literally been victimized repeatedly all in the span of a month and a half. Locals have downplayed the ordeal, police have failed to hold to law, prosecutors have refused to follow through, and the refugee status of the 3 boys and their families is being kept tightly sealed. The only thing revealed is that one boy is Sudanese and the other two are Iraqi and all 3 have only been in the US for about 2 years.

Freedom Outpost reported:

The prosecuting attorney has gone out of his way to imply that this rape was false information. His interviews have led the media and public officials to deny clear facts of the case. The U.S. Attorney for Idaho even vowed to charge anyone who made false statements about the perps. The Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has whined that the case has become “a lightning rod for anti-Muslim, and anti-refugee sentiments.”

It’s time we stand as a country and back parents like this that are doing all they can to find justice for their child. The refugee crisis of the world is seeping into our borders and it will only get worse as cases like this begin happening nationwide and daily. Provided in this article as well as a few others is the GOFUND account created to help move this family away from the attackers and to help them get ahead if possible.

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