Twitter Issues New Hashtag Emoji in SUPPORT of Terrorists #BlackLivesMatter, not #BlueLivesMatter

Twitter Issues New Hashtag Emoji in SUPPORT of Terrorists #BlackLivesMatter, not #BlueLivesMatter

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Recently, I revealed that Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, was a bootlicking #BlackLivesMatter supporter, to the point he has joined in on protests with them. He has been part of the terrorist organization since 2014 and does everything in is might to push the BLM movement, especially using his very own platform, Twitter. You can read below for some background information on this.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a Die-Hard #BlackLivesMatter Donkey

Not less than 24 hours after a BLM shooter with a well thought out plan, assassinated Five Dallas Police Officers, Jack Dorsey and his leftists f*ckmuppets implemented a new emoji for Twitter. Nope, not a blue stripe in honor of the innocent lives taken.

On Twitter, as soon as you begin to type #BlackLivesMatter, the hashtag pops up with three raised/clenched fists. The most common symbol used in the BLM movement. 

black lives matter

Also known as the “power salute” started back in 1968 Olympics.

Here are the three raised/clenched fists up close.

blm fists

If you chose to tweet about something in reference to BLM, you are forced to use that hashtag with the fists. Id suggest you don’t.

Notice what happens if you begin to type #AllLivesMatter. Nothing. In fact, the hashtag does not even pop up.

all lives twitter

However, if you type in #BlueLivesMatter, the following does pop up. No special little emoji though.


blue lives matter

Clearly, Twitter is deeply in bed with BLM. But to show such intentional support for a terrorist organization using a ‘black power salute’, should leave everyone questioning themselves over whether or not they should be on Twitter. I do have an account. I do not use it like I should or like others do. However, at the end of the day….do principals matter more than social media?

Will you stop using Twitter or continue to support a racist piece of crap who supports a terrorist organization? Where do YOU draw the line?


We at Crave News support the men and women in BLUE #bluelivesmatter.

blue lives matter

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