Watch: Helicopter Crew Officer Takes Down Suspect after EPIC Chase

Watch: Helicopter Crew Officer Takes Down Suspect after EPIC Chase

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The Houston Police didn’t want this Burglary suspect to get away, so they called in their secret weapon.   Police were responding to a 911 Burglary call.  When they arrived at the scene both suspects fled.  In an effort to confuse the police, they both fled different ways.

The video follows the path of the helicopter crew. They follow the suspect to a field and then land. A crew member jumps out of the helicopter and tackles the suspect.   This is where the incident almost turns deadly.   The suspect tries to grab the Officer’s gun, the officer reacts quickly and throws his holster away from the suspect.  After the ensuing tussle he detains the suspect and holds him for the other officers arriving at the scene:

Neither got too far, as both were arrested. Officer Borgstedte recalled the incident:

“I directed the officer to put the helicopter down, that we were going to go get the suspect. Once I tackled him on the ground, he got up and started resisting. My weapon was disabled and it became in the struggle and it became, so I got rid of it and fought him until the other officer helped me take him into custody” – Officer Borgstedte

I am glad that there are men like Borgstedte that are willing to put their life on the line every day just to keep our streets safer! Being a police officer in America is becoming an increasingly dangerous job.

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